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At Maine Architectural Ironworks, we encourage you to communicate with us regarding any questions about our iron works and what exactly we can fabricate for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

New ManagementCustom wood bar with iron accents

Maine Architectural Ironworks is under new management as of January 2018 after nearly a decade of design and fabrication throughout northern New England with Dana Peck at the helm. Dana was kind enough to reach out through Maine Veterans organizations in an effort to provide opportunity for some fortunate military member leaving the service.

While completing his last tour after nearly 25 years as a Naval Officer and pilot (mostly flying helicopters), Pete had the good fortune of receiving an email titled "Opportunity in Southern Maine." This led to a phone conversation with Dana, followed by a meeting which ended in a handshake, from which Pete agreed to work with Dana for a year to learn the trade and all facets of the business. The year flew by, things went as planned, and here we are!

Maine Architectural Ironworks lives on as an assumed name under Heavier Than Air LLC. For those curious, a "heavier than air" flight was once thought of as impossible (thank you Wright Brothers) and refers to aircraft utilizing lift over a wing to fly (versus hot air balloons). Additionally, it describes several of the inert gasses used in welding processes to shield weld sites against contamination... seemed like a fitting name for the parent company.

Many thanks deserved:

I want to ensure Dana recognizes my heartfelt appreciation for training and coaching me through this process. I will run with the opportunity you presented.

Thanks to all my friends, both local and far, old and new, who have helped me grow while enjoying many laughs. May we have many more.

All the others that have made the move from military service to "at your service" to include setting up shop and giving advice - Pete D, Larry M, Marc L, Bob M, Dana I, Sarah & Smitty, Tom B (roomie), and Dawn P. Gracious thank you to my mentors, Ira, George, and Gene (from SCORE NH) and my cousin, Don B.

Lastly, the greatest thanks goes to my family for love and support over the previous 25 years and throughout this transition to "civilian" life. Sue, Con, Keegs, Mom, Dad, Spinales, Chipmans, and extended family, you have been my motivation and I will always hold deep affection for your support and encouragement through the years, and gentle nudging as required to get us where we are. Sue, you're the coolest girl I know. You rock and IRU!

Looking forward with a smile!
Pete Donaher

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